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Stephanie D. McKenzie, walks us through a virtual coaching session designed to assist you with assessing and addressing what’s literally “keeping you up at night” so that you can finally have the sweet rest that you deserve!

It's 5 o'clock somewhere! Welcome to Friday Happy Hour! Every Friday in April will feature a fun new cocktail and "mocktail" recipe for you to try. Now show us how you Happy Hour! Post a picture of your Friday Happy Hour drink or share your favorite drink recipe in the comments. Be sure to tag Solea Keller and "like" your favorite. The comment with the most "likes" by next week's post wins a prize! Cheers, everyone!

Carol Marak Presents: Getting the Future You Want


Carol Marak, Solo Aging Enthusiast & Advisor, shares thoughtful strategies from her personal experience and research on creating a confident and defined futu...

Please enjoy Carol Marak Presents: Getting the Future You Want! Resources from Carol's presentation are available for download here: https://soleakeller.com/events Feel free to ask questions or connect by tagging Carol directly in the comments using CarolMarak.com We appreciate your patience during our technical difficulties and will be working with Facebook to ensure this issue does not happen again for future events.

We are experiencing technical difficulties on Facebook Live. Please bear with us! If the issue is not resolved in 15 mintues, we will record and post the event on the Facebook page with a link to the resources. Thank you!

Sparrow Co-Founder Jeff was tuned into Zumba Gold today! Were you? Don’t forget LIVE VIRTUAL FITNESS CLASSES will be streaming at 9:30 a.m. every Monday-Saturday. Details were sent out last week, or you can contact your community manager for the link to join. Stay moving everyone!



In light of recent updates regarding COVID-19 and the impact this virus is having in the U.S. and across the globe, we want to assure you that Sparrow Partners takes very seriously the health and well-being of each of our employees and residents—always, and especially at this time. We are actively...

For more information on COVID-19, click the link below: https://www.sparrow-partners.com/covid-19?fbclid=IwAR16l7QHZHH-f1jc-lvva_rL9YU7PXw4Y0ptxqNUy9qeH7b3f3owWApYKbc

Today is the last day of our Sneak Peek Hard Hat Tours. Call us to see if there are any open appointments available before it's too late! Call 817-477-6973